Kontaktadagen 2018

TMG is heading towards Sweden, full speed ahead

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Telemagic Group A/S has experienced an incredible growth within the call and customer center market in Finland the last year, and we are now heading towards Sweden.  TMGs Sales Manager is in this moment in Sweden to expand the sales staff, and to meet both old and new customers at Kontaktadagen in Stockholm.

How should the customer be met in the future?  The market has changed dramatically the last few years.Tomorrow, customer communication might not be the same as today, and you have to keep an eye on all areas. TMG is now delivering the next generation call and customer services. Our newest solution – the Agent Allocator – Integrates tasks from other systems to TMG and controls what the agent is working with, across different systems.

Today’s customers are informed and demands high standards of service. There should be a minimum of, preferably, no waiting time, and everything should be happening as fast as possible. At the same time the digitalization offers hundreds of possibilities for communication and self-service. Because of this, TMGs key words are easy and efficient delivered in several channels. With cooperation partners like Amazon Web Services, and with customers in more than 16 different countries at four different continents. This is beyond all expectations!

TMGs Sales Manager, Dag Harald, is at Sweden’s biggest event for everyone working with customer relations on telephone and digital channels – Kontaktadagen 2018– aiming at the futures customer meetings. This year’s conference has high focus on the new landscape for customer communication, and the regulation of the market which increases in term of national laws, EU rules and international agreements. If anyone wants a chat with Dag Harald at Kontaktadagen, call him at telephone +47 41 30 00 00.

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Kontaktadagen 2018Kontaktadagen 2018

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