TMG and Amazon Web Services

Telemagic with high expertise through the cloud

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Telemagic Group has several years of experience with Amazon Web Service (AWS) for all our server operations. We use Ireland as the main base and allocate the machines across three completely separate data centres. We have experienced an extremely high uptime, and can adjusts the capacity of running servers in few minutes. The time spent on installing new customers is extremely reduced, and storage is nearly infinite!

In addition to this, TMG has servers through AWS in Asia and America, where rolling backup several months back in time is fully automated in four different time zones. For assurance of quality of software installed, we have gotten an automated flow where a new server starts in AWS, running through a multitude of tests against robots that simulate agents in Arendal – all to make sure that the package that is released is flawless to our customers.

Last year, 30,000,000 conversations with great quality ran through these servers!

During the last months, we have started using services such as AWS Lambda, which enables tailor-made solutions of integration in a few days, which automatically adjusts the incoming traffic.

Throughout this time, we have built a great relationship with AWS and we are now testing a new beta product for use in incoming call centres. With today’s, and the futures extremely high speed about changes and new technological opportunities, we look forward to the products we can develop in cooperation with Amazon.

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