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For many years, call and customer centers have struggled with entering different systems to accomplish their tasks in the contact center. Emails enters one system, chat another one, and calls a third system. This makes it difficult for team leaders to keep track of who is working with what all the time, and how long the agents are working with the different tasks.

TMG got the solution! The answer is TMGs own allocating system – the Agent Allocator. This unique system integrates tasks from other systems to TMG and controls what the agent is working with – across different systems. TMG Agent Allocator uses the systems you already have and connects them, so that team leaders can control which agents that will work mostly with email, chat or incoming phone calls.

In addition to controlling who will work with the different areas, you can also extract reports on how many tasks each agent has processed within each channel.

Once an agent has received a task, he or she will get a notification in the right corner of the TMG window. The notification will show the new task and a link to this task. The agent must then click the link and look at the details inside the system he receives the task in. When the agent has completed the task – by closing it – the number of currently ongoing tasks for this agent will decrease, and the agent will be assigned new tasks by the parameters the team leader has set.

The Agent Allocator currently supports email, chat and calls, but can quickly be added to other social media as well.

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