What Our Clients Are Saying



Loyalty have been using Telemagic’s call and contact centers solutions since 2007. Loyalty’s customers are among the largest players, expecting stable solutions that are well-adapted into the market. Telemagic’s solutions are easy to use, effective and support integration with other systems, which is very important for us. We greatly appreciate that Telemagic replies quickly to our questions, provides good solutions to challenges and follows up closely. We are truly satisfied with the results and highly recommend them.

Jørn Rossing Partner / Account Manager, Loyalty



Vardia has used Telemagic since our beginnings in 2009. TMG has been a stable provider, who has both deliver and supported Vardia during our growth. Telemagic scale and implement new technologies rapidly. We went from a 6 user’s division to five divisions with 250 users. TMG consists a team of highly skilled people that develop and renew technologies. This is extremely important for us as major players in the insurance sector. TMG listen to us as customers. They are one of our most important partners when it comes to optimizing sales processes. We can highly recommend them!

Hans Jørgen Meiningen IT Manager, Vardia



Televita has used Telemagic since 2003. The system is exceptionally effective and has a very high up-time. The system is easy to use; it takes no time for sales agents to learn how to use it.  It has been an important success factor in helping Televita and its 60 employees to be a renowned fundraising provider in Norway. I highly recommend Telemagic.

Agnar Thalseth
Agnar Thalseth Chief Executive Officer, Televita AS



Respekt Marketing has been a customer of Telemagic Group for several years, utilizing TMGs Inbound and Outbound Services, SMS, SMS Bulk and Blending. In addition, we have several inbound campaigns that are being managed with TMG Connect. SMS bulk has been tested, with very good response and feedback. Our employees appreciate TMGs easy and efficient system, and how their team follows up closely. I give TMG my best recommendations!

Roy Fridtjofsen
Roy Fridtjofsen Chief Executive Officer, Respekt Marketing AS