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TMG had a strategy session at the holiday center in Southern Norway last week. This marked the start of an exciting journey where we will work with suggestions from customers, and study them against conclusions from reports about how the future in the call and customer center marked will be, according to TMG Consulting.

The cloud-based customer center is growing incredible fast. According to DMG Consulting, only 11% of all call and customer centers have transformed to cloud-based platforms. This means 89% change of platforms in the future. DMG also predicts the number of seats to increase with 23% in both 2019 and 2020 before decreasing to 21% in 2021.

In the future, especially three new IT sectors will be ideal for helping call and customer centers and back-office departments improving both operational and cost efficiencies – AQA, RPA and IVAs. These sectors are essential for companies to prepare them for the artificial intelligence revolution.

TMG is now in the process of planning the next few years, focusing on clod-based call and customer solutions related areas, omnichannel, CRM systems and artificial intelligence. By November a more detailed roadmap for the year 2019/2020 will be ready. TMG is also focusing more within the Nordic countries, and we are in final negotiations with topical partners to extend with two new countries. This should be certain in the start of 2019.

We are happy to receive more suggestions and ideas from collaboration partners, so feel free to contact TMG at phone number +47 37403900.

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