Mål kundetilfredshet ved hjelp av TMG-systemet

Measure the satisfaction among your customers by the TMG system

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Measure the satisfaction among your customers by using integrated features in the TMG system.

Integrated into the TMG system is a customer satisfaction survey sent by SMS. After ending the call, an SMS is sent to the customer, asking them to evaluate the experience from 1 to 6 depending on their level of satisfaction.

The SMS survey can be used both after received incoming calls and/or outgoing calls. When the customer replies, the reply is stored on the customer card. Afterwards we can set up a daily or weekly report based on the replies.

Surveys on multilevel is also possible. E.g. A customer gets option “yes” and option “no” and selects option 1 which is “yes”. Based on the reply another SMS with a new question / message is sent.

In the TMG system we can run multiple SMS dialogues simultaneously with customers. E.g. a verification- and a customer satisfaction survey. By using our top modern APIs, we can also send and collect information from more advanced customer satisfaction survey systems such as Bright.

This is convenient for your business!

Below is a pie chart from one of our customers. After a customer satisfaction survey where 600 people replied, 490 of them replied with the number 6. This gives an average of 5.7.


Green shows reply 6
Blue shows reply 5
Yellow shows reply 4
Gray shows reply 3
Orange shows reply 2
Dark blue shows reply 1

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