Facebook integrated into the TMG system

Facebook integrated into the TMG system

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Facebook has grown explosively in England and the rest of the world, and the popular web community has rounded 1.1 billion daily active users. (synlighet.no)

We can now collect information from Facebook!

The goal with your Facebook campaign is to get more inquires through a contact form. When a person has shown interest for you company and filled out the form, it will automatically be sent to certain campaign in the TMG system. The information will be transferred and an agent will immediately contact the customer to make the sale. All the information will be registered in the TMG system.

With the help from Facebook Pixel you can set up a conversion goal and you will get ongoing results in the Facebook ad-system. This will make optimization of the Facebook campaign easier.

Fill in the wanted information in the Facebooks Lead-Generator and you will receive reports from the campaigns using TMGs very flexible report generator, Paparazzo.

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